India ~ A Journey of the Heart

“Ayurveda is the wisdom of life and longevity and perhaps the oldest existing body of knowledge on the healing process. Ayurveda is not just a medical knowledge system, but a way of life, which kindles the body, mind, spirit and consciousness.”

We spent our first week at Viadyagrama. It was the perfect place for me to ground, & the beginning of many internal shifts that were to come.

Eight years ago Viadyagrama was dry land. Today, through vision & hard work, Viadygrama has become a symbol of what can occur when we work in harmony with nature.

The peacefulness of the property & the beautiful bird song were in itself healing.

The still environment where everyone was encouraged to speak softly, or even not at all, allowed for healing on all levels. Every morning & evening began & ended with prayer.

The sound resonated through my very cells.  It was beautiful & sacred, & stirred my soul.

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